Vitarate system


Monitoring of vital signs by IT thechnology

Vitarate is an innovation cluster, which enable us know vital signs of laborers and sports men/women, and prevent their health risks.


Core body temperature
Body temperature is usually assessed with a thermometer in the axillar or sublingual space.
However, the measurement is sometimes disturbed by the influence of ambient conditions such as heat. Therefore, the procedure is not ideal for labor and sports fields.
In medical fields such as intensive care units (ICU) or operating rooms, precise measurement of body temperature is needed, and core temperature of the body (core body temperature ) is evaluated by inserting a flexible thermometer in the esophagus and rectum. However, this procedure is allowed only for medical practitioners. More importantly, not practical in labor and sports fields.
Vitarate obtains temperature of the tympanic membrane, behind which the branch of the neck artery runs. Therefore, the temperature reflects well core body temperature. Vitates also have greater advantages in safe and easy measurement because of the non-contact infrared sensor.

Remote measurement
Vitarate uses smart phones.
• for continuous measurement of vital sings.
• to identify the kocation of users.
• to detect the incidence of alling-down and dropping with the G-sensor.
• to supply personal-logs./• and analyze hidden health-risks.