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Vitarate incorporated
Establishment  April 1, 2016
6-16-8, Rex building, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Japan 105-0004
Representative director,  Minoru YAMADA

Corporate vision
Safety and health are watched by watch of vital information.
We established Vitarate inc. to introduce a novel concept of health management in labor and sports fields.
The labor and sports environments seems to improved, compared to those decades ago.
One reason would be scientific and medical progress to lessen risks there such as environmental monitoring, and the other development of laws such as regulated work-time and periodical medical check. However, we need to keep improving them.
We invented monitoring system of vital signs in the labor and sports fields as the health management. The specific aim of Vitarate is to abolish the risk of heat stroke among laborers and sports men and women.